Creation & development of visual identity

Aba is a young architecture agency looking to promote its works, in which light and technical know how are central.

We thus designed the identity playing with transparency, & putting photographies forward by playing with textures (tracing paper, transparent paper). The logo, in balance, represents an equation. A cross is watermarks stands behing it, reminiscent of construction plans’ vocabulary.

#  direction artistique – print – charte graphique – website – outils presse

acmé paris,ABA-1

acmé paris,ABA-2

acmé paris,ABA-3

acmé paris,ABA-4

acmé paris,ABA-5

acmé paris,ABA-6

acmé paris,ABA-7

acmé paris,ABA-8

acmé paris,ABA-10

acmé paris,ABA-11

acmé paris,ABA-12


Communication means:
business cards, greetings cards, stationary, book

numerical & hand bound

Cryogène White & tracing paper